Message from Chairman

Hello and Namaste Everyone !! Welcome to the website of Patal Bhuvaneshwar ,the deepest cave of Nepal and one holy and majestic touristic destination of Sudurpaschim Province. First of all I would like to thank all 650 consumers of our Siddhanath forest who gave me opportunity to  be the chairman of our first and glorious  committee. I am glad that since I  became the chairman of the committee with our joint effort we were able to make this forest the first religious forest of the district. I would also like to thank Surnaya Rural Municiplaity, Nepal Tourism Board and the Tourism Ministry of Nepal for allocating funds for infrastructure development in this tourist destination. Its great sharing the news that within few years of the committee formation we have completed work of  around 2 cores  (footrail, marriage spot, committee office ,boundary wall ) and also the DPR of 15 core has been designed for further development which is promised to be allocate by Nepal Government. Patal Bhuvaneshwar is one holy cave mentioned in lots of Hindu religious books ,so we can see the Hindu community including the big priests Like Fist Jagat Guru of Nepal getting interested in promoting the cave.India has built the artificial cave with similar name in Gangauli Haat so for the religious pandits also it has been a challenge to prove that the cave written in the holy books is the located in Baitadi District. We can hear about the caves story most of morning in our TV Channel TV today. So the religious tourism is one part where we have a big possibility and the Indian pilgrims visiting here shows the possibility. As we all know Mount Everest the highest peak is in Nepal we also should put our efforts together to do some research and prove it as the deepest cave of Asia. So my main aim is to promote this booster product worldwide and promote the whole village as “VILLAGE OF CAVES” and invite all international  cavers and members from  Speleological Society to continue their adventure and research in our Village of Caves. If any cavers or speleologist are interested to conduct any research or adventure you can send us an email and we our committee will manage the expenses (excluding air fares)  from our committee as of now. Numerous new vistas for the tourism industry have opened in Far Western Province in the recent years and together we will make it milestone of National Tourism .

Thank you for your time!!